In this project the first thing I needed to do was to make a large oval and make it more of a triangle shape and color it a blue. Then i had to make another oval and make it a darker shade of blue than place it on top if the triangular shape. After that I made another triangular shape but this one facing downward and then another making it smaller than the one prior. I copied and pasted it and then placed both ears behind the head. Next I had to do the eyes and nose so I made two small circles and two larger circles then placed them. Then I made two thick black lines for eyebrows and two pink ovals for a cute little blush. Next was to do the arms, so I made a weird boomerang and made it them into the same color as the head than made two smaller circles and placed them at the end of the arm. I copied the arm then placed it on the other side. Than I made a large rectangle and made it into a light yellow and then with the text tool wrote HIPPO!, copied it, made it black and placed it behind the original text.

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