The process to make these ninjas was to first make big/ small circles, a rectangle and four ovular rectangles. With the small circle I created a semi-circle for it to be the mask opening and then made it to overlap the bigger circle. I then selected the body and head and filled them to be a darker shade, and then made a outer stoke black and the inner stoke a nice gray. Then selected the hole of the mask and made that into a creamy color making the outer stroke the same gray I used for the body and then used a barker brown for the inner stoke. After that i made different layers and copied a ninja in each one. For the first ninja I made a crown with the pen tool and then with the star shape tool I made well, a star and placed it upon the crown. For the sash i used the ovular rectangle tool and positioned them accordingly, lastly the staff that if just a circle and a long and narrow rectangle. The second ninja was made up of many stars and circles as well as me creating triangular buns. The ninja with Gucci written upon it was made with circles as well, making a large green circle then a smaller, lighter circle putting inside of it, grouping it then copying and pasting them, and i did a bit of the same with the red circles. For the last ninja i made the face with many lines, and circles, the head band was made of the head band it was with the rounded rectangle and what not, doing the same for the belt and then for the doll it was made with many circles. :)😊

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